Event Entry - Flesh & Blood - Skirmish Season 2 Constructed Blitz

Event Entry - Flesh & Blood - Skirmish Season 2 Constructed Blitz

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Entry to event.  Please bring in your purchase confirmation with you and arrive 15 minutes early.  Event to start at 1pm sharp.  Only event participants will be allowed into the tournament center.  Social distancing rules will be observed.  Masks are required by Marion County.

Event Information:

  • Constructed event
  • June 19, 2021   -   1pm start, please arrive early for check in.
  • 24 seats available
  • $20 entry
  • Promo cards!
  • Up to 5 swiss rounds depending on number of players

For the time being, event entry is available only by pre-purchasing tickets. 

Blitz is a fun and fast way to play Flesh and Blood. It's the recommended constructed format for social gaming, and to pair with Play Anywhere. A typical game of Blitz lasts 10-15 minutes.


  • 40 card deck (no more, no less)
  • 11 inventory slots (weapons and equipment)
  • 1 young hero card
  • 2 copies of each unique card allowed
  • 30 minutes per round, best of 1

Deck Construction

A Blitz deck contains up to 52 cards, being:

  • 40 cards you will shuffle up and start the game with in your deck zone.
  • Up to 11 inventory cards (weapons and equipment) you will choose from during start of game procedure (see below).
  • 1 young hero card you play as!

A deck may contain up to 2 copies of each unique card. A card is unique if it has a different card name or pitch value from any other card. (e.g. Sink Below pitch {r} is unique from Sink Below pitch {r}{r}{r}. You can have up to 2 copies of each version of Sink Below in your deck.)

A deck may only contain Generic cards and cards with the same class and/or talent as your hero card. A deck must also comply with the Blitz card legality policy for official play.

This tournament will be swiss rounds based on the number of participants.  Each round will be one game.  Event entry is available only on a prepaid basis, at  store.gametimeindy.com .  Prize support includes exclusive playmats and promos.  There is also a participation promo for the first 24 entries.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at the shop.  317-577-0900