Event Entry - MTG -  Bloomburrow Prerelease 2HG 07/27/24 Saturday 6pm

Event Entry - MTG - Bloomburrow Prerelease 2HG 07/27/24 Saturday 6pm

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This is for entry for 1 player to this event.

We have made changes to this event, please read the following carefully.

Please bring your purchase confirmation with you and arrive 15 minutes early.  Event to start at 6pm sharp.

Event Information:

  • 2 Headed Giant event
  • Sealed event
  • Saturday, July 27th, 2024   -   6pm start, please arrive early for check in.
  • $40 entry per player
  • Each entrant receives 1 Bloomburrow prerelease kit to play the event
  • Prizes and bonus 2 participation packs paid out in Bloomburrow boosters!
  • 4 Swiss rounds


More Info.

Two-Headed Giant - You will need a partner for this event! It is recommended that you bring your own, however, it is possible that someone else will be looking for a partner on the day of the event. Preregistration of your team is HIGHLY encouraged.

Each participant will each receive a prerelease kit containing 6 booster packs of Bloomburrow and a stamped foil Promo with which to construct their deck. Teams are allowed and encouraged to combine their kits into one pool in order to build the best decks possible. After a set build time, teams will play four Swiss rounds.

Prize support is paid out in Bloomburrow boosters, and don't forget, every entrant is guaranteed 2 Booster packs as a participation bonus! This is IN ADDITION to the normal prize payout of 1 pack per person per round win. These additional 2 packs are yours, even if you choose to drop from the event prior to its conclusion.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.  317-577-0900